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Tired of stumbling into the bathroom late at night, flipping the light switch on, and basically blinding yourself? Did you know that even having the light on for a minute or less can interrupt your circadian rhythm? And, that it can ruin your quality sleep for the night? There has to be an easier way to see your toilet without shocking your brain. Well, now THERE IS! Thanks to GlowBowl Fresh, the air freshener and nightlight in one! This isn’t your ordinary nightlight, though. It actually illuminates your toilet! So, you’ll not only see your toilet, but you won’t miss and make messes, either. It’s time to try GlowBowl Fresh Air Freshener today! Click any image to order NOW!

Look, no one wants to stub their toe, miss the toilet, or blind themselves at night with the bathroom lights. And, the GlowBowl Fresh Device is the best way to make going to the bathroom at night a breeze. This nightlight offers 13 colors that can change every 4 seconds. Or, you can lock in your favorite color. Worried about running out the battery? Well, don’t be. The GlowBowl Fresh Light uses motion sensors. So, it only turns on when it senses you’re there. Then, it shuts off to save battery when no one is there. PLUS, it’s even an air freshener, so you’re getting TWO PRODUCTS IN ONE! What are you waiting for? Click below to get the best GlowBowl Fresh Price of the season now!

What Is GlowBowl Fresh Air Freshener?

It’s an air freshener and nightlight rolled into one! The GlowBowl Fresh Light fits almost every toilet. And, it’s great for people who get up to use the bathroom in the night. So, that can mean pretty much anyone. But, it’s especially helpful for children and older adults. Yes, you could just turn your bathroom light on and blind yourself. But, did you know that’s bad for your brain?

In fact, it can completely disrupt your sleep for the night. According to one study, electric light disrupts our natural circadian rhythm. And, there’s some evidence that beyond ruining your sleep, it can actually lead to more diseases. The GlowBowl Fresh Nightlight won’t do that to you, since it’s such a small light. But, it still lights up the toilet so you don’t miss, and so you know where you’re going. Plus, this air freshener keeps air fresh for up to a month at a time with replaceable scents! Get it now!

GlowBowl Fresh Reviews

How To Use GlowBowl Fresh Nightlight

  1. Insert Air Freshener Pack – First, you need to insert the air freshener. It’s easy to do. All you have to do is stick the pack up from the bottom of the device. Then, GlowBowl Fresh will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean for a month or more! Plus, it’s replaceable.
  2. Choose Your Nightlight – Second, there are 13 colors to choose from. And, these colors are vibrant, so you’re going to be able to see where you’re going. Plus, they can flash every 4 seconds, or you can lock it onto your favorite color! It’s so easy to use!
  3. Clip Onto Your Toilet – Third, you just snap it onto the side of your toilet. GlowBowl Fresh Toilet Light is designed to fit basically any toilet. And, it just slides onto the side. So, you’ll have a lit up bathroom the next time you use it at night, but it won’t burn your eyeballs.

GlowBowl Fresh Review:

  • Has 13 Vibrant LED Lights To Choose From
  • Lights Up Your Toilet To Stop Messes At Night
  • Motion Sensor Technology To Not Waste Battery
  • Also Doubles As A Replaceable Air Freshener
  • Flexible Arm That Fits Almost Any Toilet Around
  • Can Control The Brightness Of The Lights Too
  • Order It Via Any Image For The BEST Price!!

GlowBowl Fresh Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The #1 thing that customers of GlowBowl Fresh say is that they love it. The second thing they say? That it’s SO EASY to use. Now, you could just install your average nightlight into the wall. But, that wastes energy because most don’t use motion sensor technology. Plus, the nightlight isn’t actually lighting up your toilet like GlowBowl Fresh Night Light is. And, if you’re trying to not make a mess, you’re going to want a light on your toilet.

As you can see in the photo, Glow Bowl Fresh Air Freshener makes it easy to actually see your toilet bowl. So, you can easily aim without mess. Plus, you’ll be able to tell if someone left the seat up. Truly, this is a device you probably didn’t even realize you’d like. And, GlowBowl Fresh is water-resistant, so it’s easy to clean with your normal household cleaner. Get it now and join the hordes of people that love it!

GlowBowl Fresh Special Features:

  1. Set Up Is Easy – Straight out of the box, this nightlight is ready to go. Like we said, you just choose your colors, put in the air freshener, and clip it to your toilet! It’s easy!
  2. You Can Sleep Better – Putting on the overhead bathroom light at night disrupts your sleep cycle and makes it harder to fall back asleep. But, GlowBowl Fresh doesn’t do that!
  3. Flexible Arm For Adjustment – This device truly fits any toilet. Because, it comes with a flexible arm that allows 3.5 inches of room to spare. So, you can get a snug fit.
  4. Dim The Lights – You can control how bright your GlowBowl Fresh Night Light is! Because, it lets you dim the light up to 5 stages. So, truly, you can control your nightlight experience.
  5. Motion Sensor – You won’t waste the battery on this! Because, the GlowBowl Fresh only lights up when it senses you’re nearby. Then, it turns off after to save the battery.
  6. Easy To Clean – Finally, the Glow Bowl Fresh Light is water-resistant and you can use your average household cleaner on it! So, no worrying about germs with this device!

How To Order GlowBowl Fresh Light

It’s time to make your bathroom smell fresh and be safer than ever! All you have to do is buy GlowBowl Fresh Air Freshener via their website. And, by clicking any image on this page, you can do just that. Like we said, if you act fast, you can get the best price of the year! And, trust us, this makes a GREAT gift. So, click any image to buy your device via their GlowBowl Fresh Website! And, don’t wait, or this popular product WILL sell out. If you want to make your nightly bathroom experience safer and smell better, order yours right NOW!

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